Tonight in Wisconsin
To make his point in anti-abortion Trump claimed that women routinely give birth, and then wrapping the baby in a blanket, discussing with the doctor whether or not to “execute the baby.” Trump then claimed that the Democrats support such executions.
This and other behavior is not mental as many suggest, he is just a natural in surviving with limited resources and thus a trained illusionist. Neither is he, besides being born into a comfortable wealthy position, a gifted person nor truly ambitious. He is just stumbling forward somewhat toying to escape the outcome of his goddamn laziness always looking for the effortless income project. But there is no such thing as a free apple, it all comes at a cost and subsequently, his life can be described as a row of cover-ups for self-inflicted catastrophes. Each cover-up has to be bigger to carpet the ever-increasing pile of powder. Always fearing the moment that one spark ignites all he has ever assembled in illusion. Thus he defends the illusion of him being a versatile self-made millionaire with even bigger illusions – his life is a getaway maelstrom which brought him into the white house and that made him firing up the hate-kitchen in order to get a distractful melange of ultra-evangelicals, gun-ho weapon nutters, violent fascists, gun ready suprematists and forceful frustrated white trash on the street. It is the old political trick: If you are personally in danger create the illusion of danger for the nation. No, Mr. Trump is not mental, he is just a criminal on the run evading reality by trying to create his own.