Trump, die politikergewordene obzöne Beleidigung von jeglichem Anstand und Vernunft teilte mit, er erwarte voraussichtlich am Dienstag in New York verhaftet zu werden.

Elon finally freed the bird

Elon finally freed the bird. Trump was banned from Twitter because he lied aggressively and constantly, not for his opinions. There can be no […]

USAbortion of Women‘s rights

In den USA wurden die Uhren gerade 50 Jahre zurückgestellt. (Wer nun aus Deutschland empört über den Teich schaut: Hier ist Abtreibung seit 1871 […]

mitch found his spine

Eventually Mitch McConnel did find his political spine and declared that Trump did it and that he was responsible. Then in a swift Mitch […]

To coup or not to coup

A president who is unwilling to make a concession speech is a president who aims for a coup. Without a party that has apparently […]

Season finale

The grand finale and the one Image that in the collective memory will remain as a summary of this president and his amateur season […]

Presidential Library

For every President since Herbert Hoover a Presidencial Library was build. These Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience by preserving […]


Trump ist gerade verständlicherweise schwer genervt, weil Millionen von Demokraten zu blöd sind auch nur die Überschrift des Wahlzettels zu lesen, geschweige denn zu […]

Stop the count

Meanwhile in the USA: Trumps and his goons radical understanding of democracy with #STOPTHECOUNT on full display.


Facts? What facts? Here is a fact: A close race also means half of the voters do consent the ongoing rape of democracy. Plain […]

The lesson

A tight race? Well after four years many people around the world wonder why there is a race at all. So, whatever the will […]

Trump was here

Whoever wins #USElection2020 – it will certainly take more than one presidency to heal this deeply divided and frightened country – if it is […]

Baron von Trumphausen

A story fuelled by lies, falsehoods and factbending – but even the extraordinary adventures of Baron Trumphausen will eventually come to an end.

US Covid Experience

To enjoy the full benefits of the state of the art US Covid experience, now that he is sick Trump loses his job, goes […]


The Apprentice, Final Season#PrayersForTrump #PrayforTrump #trump#COVID19 #remdesivir

Prasident Donald J. Broke

So tax reports paint the picture of a broke President. What could possibly go wrong by having a broke salesman leading a treasury of […]

To Wald or not to Wald

Pro Minute verschwinden 30 Fußballfelder Wald. Jedes Jahr verschwindet unwiederbringlich eine Waldfläche in der Größe Englands und Irlands. Mit dem Wald verlieren wir die […]

The Hooker

Due to European Newpapers recent research has it that Mr. Trump was „widely“ open for collaboration during the elections and ever after. Who saw […]

The Death of a Grand Old Party

With the looming election fiasco in sight, parts of the Republicans are trying to gain some distance between themselves and Trump before the elections […]

Hong Kong, China Portland, USA

People covering behind umbrellas while being shot at with teargas and Rubber-Bullets at point blank – Portland or Hong Kong? The press photos look […]

I could shoot somebody

He said it in the beginning and it seems that he did it in the end. Trump knew since march that Russia had placed […]

Social Distancing

Finally even Maga starts to practice social distancing.Instead of 1.000.000 only 6.200 showed up (1)#TrumpRally #Tulsa1)

Trump honors the flag

Surprise, surprise: Trump rejects calls to drop Confederate base names as he did blast the removal of confederate monuments back in 2017. So, who […]

Press Service

Priorities of a failing democracy: In the last week more members of the press have been arrested while reporting than criminal bankers after the […]

Washington Zoo

The new outdoor enclosure at Washington Zoo spontaneously became a new crowd puller. #USAProtest #TrumpResignNow #trump #BlackLivesMatter #Resist#EndRacism #EndPoliceBrutality #CHANGE

June 4th

June 4th, Tiananmen Square commemorations, U.S. Edition #blacklifematters #democracy #USAonFire #resist #TrumpResignNow #USA

USA Today

Well, about Trump… you can say whatever you might say, but in the end he got his military parade. #USAonFire #BlackLivesMattter #democracy #TrumpOut2020


Was wohl das Demokratieorakel und real existierende Lebenswerkruine Gerhard Schröder zu Trump denken mag.

Americas Finest


The Healer

How to heal and unite a deeply divided nation – Trump Edition.#USArevolts #USAonFire #usa #Minneapolis #riots2020 #Trump #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #BlackLivesMatter #floyd

Gun nutters

USA today… When exactly became it normal that dudes with guns are massively showing off in public? Makes my pencils think overcompensating might be […]

The United States of Trump

We don’t know what Dr. Snakeoil would recommend, but #Trump says it is a good idea to inject #disinfectant to fight #corona (1). Good […]

Shareholder Mouse

So geht echte Unterhaltung. Disney stoppt die Zahlung der Gehälter für 100.000 Mitarbeiter. Für diese Entscheidung kann das Management mit Boni in zweistelliger Millionenhöhe […]

Dream Team Winning

While bodies start to pile up Donald Trump is proudly boasting that he is number one on Facebook at White House coronavirus briefing (1)1) […]


Science finds some amazing and completely unexpected success factors for #Corona

The expert

Ever wondered why #trump is acting like he is to work the #corona episode? Well I guess electing a shady third class trash-tv actor […]


Die USA bieten nun für die Exklusivrechte für einen in Entwicklung befindlichen Impfstoff aus Tübingen (der übrigens mit deutschen Steuergeldern entwickelt wird). Produktion und […]


It is one of those subtle ironies of history that Trump is about to fall over a Chinese virus named after a Mexican beer.

Making America great again

Trump administration to roll back restrictions on landmine use. Landmines are under a world wide ban because they kill mostly civilians even years after […]

The Toiletgater

Viele wundern sich, wie es kommt, dass der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten vor laufenden Kameras erzählt wie oft man die Spülung benutzen müsse und […]

Gott will Trump

Trump sei von Gott geschickt feiern in Amerika vor allem jene, die auch das entfesselte Wüten der Finanzheuschrecken als Befreiung betrachten.

So much winning

Meanswhile in the USA: so much winning -Trump breaking the national debt records without losing any momentum and is still pushing further and further. […]


Americas strong message to all its allies and friends

trumped economy

rating agency: trump presidency poses a threat to global economy

El Paso


Trump erklärt er werde die Internationale Antifaschistische Bewegung (aka Antifa) als terroristische Organisation einstufen lassen, um deren Verfolgung und “Vernichtung” zu erleichtern. Ein interessanter […]

USA Swamp of the free

It took only a racist criminal and a party supporting him whatever the cost to burry the beacon of democracy in a swamp of […]

the president

Trump sammelt die Vorwürfe sexueller Belästigung bis Vergewaltigung wie andere Briefmarken. In seiner erz-evangelikalen Anhängerschaft wird dies eher als Zeichen männlicher Potenz, denn als […]

No Collusion

We don‘t know what is in the redacted ⅓ of the mueller report. But the unredacted ⅔ paint a picture of systematic obstruction of […]

we met before?

My pencils were thinking that the news covering the guy with the nuclear codes drifting into the abyss of dementia and mental instability won‘t […]

Mental Sarah

Die Pressesprecherin des Weißen Hauses verkündet, dass Gott Trump berufen hat.

Moscow Measles

NY Times documents more than 100 contacts of trump and his team to Russia before the Inauguration.


The Nathan Philips Lesson

The Native American Vietnam Veteran Nathan Philips was performing a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for Native Americans soldiers who lost their lives in […]

Look! Strangers!

Vladimir loves american trash tv

True class

Improving School Conditions

Zu langsam..

Politische Cartoons sind bisweilen ein schnelles Geschäft. Manchmal zu schnell. Gerade arbeite ich noch an einem Cartoon, der den Ausstieg der USA aus der UN […]

Shit Stormy

oh please!


me first

learn the abc

        Die Washington Post berichtet, dass Präsident Trump sich die täglichen Sicherheitsbriefings zusammengefasst vortragen lässt, weil er Schwierigkeiten mit der Verarbeitung […]