Presidential Library

For every President since Herbert Hoover a Presidencial Library was build. These Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience by preserving […]

Game over

Game over – Pennsylvania lost for Trump and Biden will be the 46th President of the United States and Donald‘s long career in evading […]


Trump ist gerade verständlicherweise schwer genervt, weil Millionen von Demokraten zu blöd sind auch nur die Überschrift des Wahlzettels zu lesen, geschweige denn zu […]

Stop the count

Meanwhile in the USA: Trumps and his goons radical understanding of democracy with #STOPTHECOUNT on full display.


Facts? What facts? Here is a fact: A close race also means half of the voters do consent the ongoing rape of democracy. Plain […]

The lesson

A tight race? Well after four years many people around the world wonder why there is a race at all. So, whatever the will […]

Trump was here

Whoever wins #USElection2020 – it will certainly take more than one presidency to heal this deeply divided and frightened country – if it is […]